Back in the saddle!

While it took an age to get home from Heathrow last night, we were super productive once we got to the apartment. All bags unpacked and laundry started with the hour, a delicious Thai meal ordered and all the post (mostly junk) dealt with.

Once I sat down to eat, the fatigue caught up with me. I didn’t sleep much at all on the 15hr flight back from Tokyo - due to a combination of being woken up by the cabin crew as they spoke to people around me, plus the incredibly uncomfortable seat. I won’t be dashing back to fly with British Airways when it comes to Japan any time soon.

On the plus side, I had a shower and slipped into bed just before 9pm. I could barely keep my eyes open and was asleep within minutes. And I didn’t wake up until my alarm at 6am this morning. Feeling great!

I had - for once - planned ahead and avoided over-committing myself on the work front today. I actually have a medical appointment this morning (wish me luck!) and a few things to do in the office this afternoon. No clients to speak to, to coaching sessions or webinars.

Looking forward to getting back into my routine today and catching up with what I’ve missed. A cursory glance at my email shows there were no emergencies, so it’s mostly just project updates and business opportunities.

While I felt the usual twinge of sadness leaving Tokyo yesterday, I’m now feeling overwhelming gratitude that I could go there once again and for the fun time I had while I was in Japan. Such lovely memories (and photos) to reflect on.

And only 90 days until I go back and do it all over again!

Richard MacKinnon @TheMacPsych