The last day of work before a holiday ✈️

Productivity time!

I just have a handful of important tasks to complete this morning, after which I can start packing for Japan. I’m always amazed at what I can achieve just before I head off on a trip. The deadline-induced focus is a powerful drug!

Then a dinner of “it needs to be eaten” from the fridge and an early night.

In excellent news, my cough has evaporated overnight. I feel so much better. It’s only taken a week to return to normal… So I won’t be that guy who coughs for the entire flight, worrying everyone around him.

In stark contrast to August’s trip to Singapore, when we flew via Sofia, Qatar and Phuket, tomorrow’s flight to Tokyo is direct from London Heathrow. A lot less hassle. We then have a couple of hours in Haneda Airport to eat and shower in the JAL lounge before our flight down to Okinawa.

But before all of that, coffee! ☕️

Richard MacKinnon @TheMacPsych