No impulse purchases

While yesterday’s Apple event was super slick, there was nothing in it to get me reaching for my wallet. Which is a very positive thing!

Don’t worry, I didn’t watch it live. I’m not that dedicated to the cult of Apple. I caught up on the news this morning.

The new Macbook Pro models look lovely, but it’ll be quite some time before I have a definite need to upgrade. A ‘want’ yes, but no objective need. My 13" Macbook Pro has plenty of life left in it, even if it has the annoying touch bar that I keep accidentally activating when I type.

And I can’t be the only person wondering why Apple are still shipping brand new Macs with keyboards and trackpads that need a lightning cable to charge? Surely this was the perfect time to change over to USB-C?

Anyway, it looks like I’ll make it into 2024 before another impulse buy. From the Apple Store, anyway. Later this morning, I have an exciting package arriving in the post - and for once it’s not from the fruit company.

Watch this space!

Richard MacKinnon @TheMacPsych