No temptation required

Given the timing, I won’t be staying up for next week’s Apple product announcement.

After recent spends with Apple, that’s just as well. I don’t need any more technology temptation in my life. I’ll just enjoy reading the coverage the next morning with my coffee.

I have an office set-up I’m really, really happy with. My Mac Mini and Studio display are the perfect combo for my webinars, meetings and video production workflows. My iPad Mini never leaves my side and is the perfect digital notebook.

And while I’d dearly love to upgrade my 2020 Macbook Pro to be rid of the cursed touch bar, I have no need. It’s got a couple of years in it yet. And it’s mostly used for light writing, presentations and email. Or keeping in touch with work while I’m traveling. Which doesn’t exactly require the newest and most powerful chips Apple can crank out.

So, no.

Richard MacKinnon @TheMacPsych