No escape

I’m in Dublin for a very brief business trip.

And despite my high hopes, I haven’t been able to escape the noise of construction. Back in London, my neighbourhood seems to be one big building site, and has been that way for over a year. The noise is truly exhausting and I live for the respite of Sundays, when even the builders take a break.

I arrived to my hotel in Dublin this morning to discover it’s being refurbished right now. And even though there’s no construction noise on my floor, it seems I’m two floors directly above the bar that’s being demolished-or-bombed.

It’s hard to tell what they’re doing, but they’re doing it with enthusiasm.

In addition to the hammering, there’s a high pitched whine of a drill. Which is just lovely. It’s made working from my room less than ideal this afternoon. But I could eventually get used to that noise.

Then a family arrived in the hotel room opposite, and proceeded to have the mother of all arguments. While their door was propped open with a shoe. It just didn’t end, so I eventually had to open my door and gently ask them to close their door. They shouted even more. So I had to raise my voice and ask again.

A lady came to the door and said “Sorry, I no speak English”, so I mimed closing the door. Which she did, and then I heard her say “Sorry, I no speak English” in what I can only describe as a sarcastic tone, and the whole family laughed. So at least someone’s having fun this afternoon.

I’d pay quite a lot of money for some peace and quiet this evening. But I’ve just remembered that I packed my earplugs, so maybe I’ll get some sleep after all.

Richard MacKinnon @TheMacPsych