On another note...

I’ve been tinkering with Drafts, a super-popular app that never quite stuck with me.

And I’m not sure why. But after stumbling across a few enthusiastic YouTube videos and blog posts, I thought I’d give it another go.

Over the last couple of days, something seems to have clicked. I realise I can take anything that pops into my mind and get it into Drafts in seconds - via my Macbook, iPad, iPhone or even Apple Watch.

I can then - if it’s an idea worth keeping or expanding on - share it to Things 3, Obsidian, Day One or a host of other apps.

I’ve been quite frustrated with how Obsidian on iOS is slow to get started and a bit fiddly once you’re in. The very definition of friction. More than enough time for inspiration to evaporate. Drafts is lightning quick and super simple to use. I’m definitely late to the party with this, but I think Drafts is going to be my new starting point for all my notes and ideas.

Watch this space.

Richard MacKinnon @TheMacPsych